Matterhorn Relocation is at the top of our list. We have been ex-pats for over 10 years and in this time frame we have relocated to 3 countries & experienced many different approaches for a successful move.

We were greatly impressed with the efficiency, expert knowledge of the region, follow-through, the personal touches to detail & professionalism Sandra provided us with our move to Zurich.

There is no other option – Matterhorn Relocation does it the best!

Nilsson family

The Voice of Switzerland

Mit Matterhorn Relocation haben wir den idealen Partner für unsere Büro- und Wohnungssuche gefunden.

Das Ergebnis ist absolut perfekt! Sandra Furrer hat es verstanden, uns mit ihrer beeindruckenden Kompetenz, hohen Flexibilität und stets sonnig-fröhlichem Gemüt zu 100% zu überzeugen! Wir danken ihr sehr!

Constantin Entertainment AG

Working with Sandra was a pleasure. Not knowing the Swiss language and how the rental system works is not a worry as Sandra knows the ins and outs of the system and is indispensable for finding an apartment in Zurich. I really received a full service from her and could count on her for being there for me while I traveled for my work.

She makes things easy and things about everything I would need to start and gives good tips about Zurich as well. I am going to recommend her to anyone who needs to move here. May 2012

J. Wozniak

Die Suche einer neuen Wohnung ist in der Schweiz besonders schwierig. Der Markt hat ein kleines Angebot und eine hohe Nachfrage.

Ich war sehr glücklich die Unterstützung von Sandra zu haben. Sie kennt bestens die Besonderheiten des Marktes, konnte mich sehr kompetent beraten und eine wunderschöne Wohnung finden. Sie steht bei allen Angelegenheiten zur Seite (Besichtigung, Bewerbung, amtliche Vorgänge etc.)

Durch ihre sympathische und immer fröhliche Art war die Wohnungssuche unkompliziert und in einer netten Atmosphäre. Danke Sandra für Deinen tollen Einsatz!

A. Puchala

I was a bit worried when I arrived in Zurich to find a new flat and begin a new life, but with the help of Sandra, everything went smoothly! She helped me to find the right apartment in the city center and she gave me a lot of information about the city.

I was very happy to feel that I was not a number. On the opposite, she was taking care of me and giving me a personalized advice, this is really worth when we know that it is not often the case with relocation companies. April 2012

G. Bedu

For the past 10 years, Sandra has supported Market Edge in the delivery of over 100 management development programs and consulting projects in Switzerland. All of these events were for global category leading clients with participants coming to Switzerland from a wide range of business cultures and every region of the globe.

Her superior customer service orientation and flawless execution are world class and enable us to stay focused on creating value for our clients.

P. Drees

During the past 12 years we have relocated 5 times. I have never met anyone like Sandra. Not only does she know everything you need to know about Switzerland and Zurich, all the processes and the paperwork needed to be done, she has such a passion and dedication for her job that house hunting ends up being a fun experience!

She went out of her way to make sure our relocation was perfect, and even checked back with us on her spare time. I wish every relocation was as great as this one.

Undhjem family