We guide you through your relocation process to and from Zurich! Our local knowledge opens the door to your new home in no time! We guide you through your relocation process to and from Zurich!

You can rely on an efficient team of local experts who speak your language and are familiar with regional practices. We handle everything on the ground, finding your perfect home and reserving it for you. This frees you up to focus on the most important thing: getting off to the best possible start in Zurich and its surroundings.

Relocation services

Get to know your new base. We take you on an entertaining tour that last several hours and introduces you to Zurich and nearby places of interest. Along the way, we cover the local public transport system, recreation venues, shopping facilities, and give you the lowdown on suitable residential districts.

We use your search criteria to suggest suitable apartments or houses on the property market. We work with you to arrange viewings and can accompany you when you go to look around. Alternatively, we can set up a video viewing if you can't be there in person. Once you've found the property of your dreams, we provide assistance and advice on rental or purchase negotiations and the signing of contracts.

Moving to another country invariably involves a massive amount of organisation. It's important to ensure that you comply with legal requirements when applying for a visa or registering with the local authorities, as this is essential to a smooth relocation. Our experienced team knows exactly what is required and can provide you with on-the-ground support with visas and any official registrations.

Are you only in Switzerland for a limited period of time? Or perhaps you'd like to arrive without any major obligations and look for a permanent home in your own time? We act as a broker for an array of temporary apartments and would be happy to help you choose and book suitable furnished accommodation.

Get your kids off to the best start. Switzerland has a complicated school and education system that varies from canton to canton. Depending on the age of your children, we can advise on the availability of places in nurseries and public or international schools. We can arrange and accompany you to meetings with potential institutions so that you get as complete a picture as possible. Once you've decided on a nursery or school, we make the necessary arrangements and can handle the registration process on your behalf.

Your four-legged friends also get top treatment from us. We register your pet with a local vet and can accompany you to their first appointment on request. If your pet needs their coat trimmed or you want to treat them to a pampering session, we know exactly where to go. We're also happy to recommend trustworthy dog-sitters who can give your dog a home from home while you're away.

In conjunction with our partners, we are well placed to advise on furnishing your property and can create a concept tailored to your needs. On request, we can also take care of setting everything up, so that your place is exactly as you imagined it when you move in.

Once you've moved in, we fill you in on everything you need to know about life in your neighbourhood and Switzerland in general (shopping, waste collections, etc.). If you have any questions or issues, we can be contacted at any time and are only a stone's throw away.

New country, new social security system. In Switzerland, certain types of insurance, including health insurance, are required by law, yet the insurance market can be somewhat complicated and confusing. We call upon the services of independent experts to provide you with comprehensive advice on an insurance solution that is specifically tailored to your requirements.

We would be happy to accompany you on shopping trips, as this is a new and unfamiliar environment for you. This may prove particularly useful if you're planning larger purchases such as furniture, electronic devices or vehicles and want a trustworthy local at your side - someone who knows the best businesses in the area and is acquainted with the local way of doing things.

Moving into a new and unfamiliar environment can prove challenging, especially for trailing spouses and children. They have fewer points of contact with people outside the family than those attending a workplace, and may also experience language barriers. Upon request, we would be happy to introduce you to other families or people who have recently moved to Switzerland or have already been based here for some time. That way, your loved ones will feel at home in no time.

We provide advice and support for setting up internet, telephone and TV contracts. If you wish, we can set up internet access for your home ready for when you move in, so that you're connected with the rest of the world from the moment you arrive.

We give you an overview of the Swiss banking system and help you to choose a bank and open a bank account.

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