We guide you through your relocation process to and from Zurich! Our local knowledge opens the door to your new home in no time! We guide you through your relocation process to and from Zurich!

You can rely on an efficient team of local experts who speak your language and are familiar with regional practices. We handle everything on the ground, finding your perfect home and reserving it for you. This frees you up to focus on the most important thing: getting off to the best possible start in Zurich and its surroundings.

Relocation services

Your four-legged friends also get top treatment from us. We register your pet with a local vet and can accompany you to their first appointment on request. If your pet needs their coat trimmed or you want to treat them to a pampering session, we know exactly where to go. We're also happy to recommend trustworthy dog-sitters who can give your dog a home from home while you're away.

Moving out of Switzerland entails just as many logistical challenges as moving there in the first place. From terminating your tenancy agreement to handing over the keys, potentially looking for a new tenant and de-registering with the authorities, we provide end-to-end support. This leaves you free to concentrate on your next steps and ensure that you retain fond memories of your time in Switzerland.

If you're moving away from Switzerland, we will be happy to de-register you with the authorities and take care of terminating any current contracts on your behalf.

Which mountains can we move for you?

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